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Dr.Hirotake Mori, Lecturer from Department of General Medicine, Juntendo University, Tokyo, Japan visited Faculty of Medicine, Princess of Naradhiwas University with the aims of discussion and collaboration in term of research, education, and staff/student exchanges. The visiting duration was on 31st May to 3rd June 2019.

After a welcoming lunch hosted by Assoc. Prof. General Chumpol Piamsomboon, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mori together with Dean Chumpol and team went to greet the Chairperson of University Council and the President, Asst. Prof. Dr. Jungrak Plasai, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Rossukol Sangmanee. A shortdiscussion concerning the visiting program and further cooperation between PNU and Juntendo Universities were warmly and friendly conducted.    

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Dean Chumpol then brought Dr. Mori to Faculty of Medicine for exchanging and sharing experiences with Lecturers and further visited teaching hospital, the Galyani Vadhana Karun Hospital. 

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In the late afternoon, Dr. Mori and team from the Faculty of Medicine, PNU visited Naradhiwasrajanagarindra Hospital (General Hospital). Fruitful discussion was made with the Hospital Director, Dr. Wichai Wichienwattanachai, and his team. A research networking to improve community medicine and health in the Southern part of Thailand such as perinatal medicine, NCDs (Non-Communicable diseases), infectious diseases and elderly care were topics of interested. A short-training course from Japan was offered to young medical doctors from Naradhiwasrajanagarindra Hospital according to his/her request.

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In-patient wards were also visited such as neo-natal ICU, ER and medicine.  Visiting group have learned that Naradhiwasrajanagarindra Hospital has a good system of neonatal management.

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On 1st June 2019: Dr. Mori and team from Faculty of Medicine went to Yi-Ngo Hospital (Community Hospital/Primary care) at Narathiwat province.  Dr. Adul Rengma, Hospital Director and his team welcomed and took us around the hospital.  All visitors were impressed by very nice environment and good management system of the hospital.  One stop service at OPD (Out-patient department) and technology driven facilities were the best practice which we all learned.

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Yi-Ngo hospital requested more information and lesson learnt from Japan about the management and holistic approach of eldery society which Dr. Mori will give a talk in this issue when his visit at PNU on July 2019.

Multi-Cultural places ware also visited. In the afternoon, we went to Pattani Mosque and Limgorniew shrine for Muslim and Chinese believe. A view point of Pattani city as well as a mangrove forest was observed by the “Sky walk”.

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Raman Hospital (Community Hospital/Primary care) at Yala province was another hospital that Dr. Mori and team from PNU visited and shared experiences. It was a very warm and friendly talk. This hospital is good services in various units such as emergency unit with a community-volunteer network, laboratory unit which many infectious investgations, peri-natal unit which accommodate a religious believe with modern medicine, prosthesis unit, home grown vegetable for staff and EM (Effective Microorganisms) products and etc.

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Wat Khuhaphimuk (Wat Na Tham) at Yala province is a Buddhist temple in front of a cave that we visited. The cave contains an ancient reclining Buddha almost 30m long and is believed to establish since the year 757. The cave also contains stalactites and was voted to be the most beautiful natural tourist attraction in 1986 in the southern provinces. (Reference by

Su-ngai Kolok district, Narathiwat provinces and Peat forest were visited on the last day then Dr. Mori Departed from Narathiwat Airport.